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Feb 4, 2021

You hear them from people around you every day.. .

"I can't...

I have never done it before 

I am just not good at this 

Things like this don’t happen to a person like me…

All the good ones are taken". 

In this episode let's take a look at limiting beliefs. 

1) What are they?

2) Where do they come from, how do we make them stronger. 

3) How to find your own limiting beliefs

4) How to transform them

5) Practice them

If a Limiting belief is limiting our potential, then the opposite is expansive, freeing expanding, elevating, amplifying, simply  empowering beliefs.

There are few fast ways to change them but most likely it will take time and conscious effort. 

The evolution of thinking is the most natural thing, and maybe the most rewarding.  I know that, if I traveled to the future 10 years from now, the most disappointing thing would be to see that I haven't changed. 

  1. Limiting beliefs are thoughts that pretend to be true. 

Beliefs are just thoughts. It may seem they are facts, but they do not need to be facts at all, for us to be deeply convinced of them. Yes, even when those beliefs limit us. 

Limiting beliefs prevent us from taking action that would bring us fulfillment. Keep us small. 

How come? 

If beliefs are thoughts, naturally they create a feeling, an emotional state, and everything we do, or don’t do, every action we take or don’t take is driven by our feelings. 

So it’s clear: when you have a thought that you can’t do it - you won't try it, and the result is that you don’t have it. If you believe you don't deserve something, even if it comes to you, you will either not see it, or you will lose it. Often they become a part of your identity. 

2.Where do the Limiting Beliefs come from

  1.  They come from strong emotional experiences, 
  2.  Repeated things we heard, the reality we lived in. 
  3.  Event - to which you attached a negative meaning 

The stronger ones may come from childhood. But we can create limiting thoughts and beliefs in adulthood as well. We could be creating limiting beliefs all day long. 

They come from a disempowering interpretation of personal experiences. 

3) HOW TO FIND your limiting beliefs in your head. 

(beliefs are thoughts) 

Look at the area of life that is not working, that you are not satisfied with. Journal. Stream of consciousness writing. Empty the brain. 

It’s like cleaning up a messy drawer with socks.

We need to empty it, select the old ones and throw them away, and decide what you want to put back in. Why would you keep old socks, that don't look good, if you can afford to 100 pairs of new socks,  

  1. How to change them?   

This is not about swapping thought

A better feeling thought. Steps. 

Often trasfmorming one limiting belief to empowering one doesn't happen in one step. 

Actually what is closer to practice and we see in casual coaching is that we choose a thing that feels better, you try it you see its impact on life and you can open up to even better thought and even better, and this is how you create better results.

Create time and space to contemplate the beliefs, put them against the scale of life. Is it worth it to carry them  all these years. 

So How to transform limiting beliefs 

 Mind management. Become aware of the thought, see what it leads you to.Steps. One little improvement at a time. 

5) Then go out to the world and test it 

Practice the new thought. Like a new habit. 

The limiting belief will try to call you back. 

You will want to fall into the past thinking.

It will give you more reasons it was right. 

By making an effort you will get out of the rut. 

Until one day this will be your new reality